graphic arts

Graphic Arts includes all sorts of painting and drawing, as well as photography and other 2-dimensional arts.  Classes are available for children, adults, and special needs students.  One-day workshops are held on a variety of topics.

Graphic arts instructors

Basic Drawing Techniques

This class teaches fundamental drawing skills that will help improve and hone any artist's skills.  Exercises explore line, shadow, light and contour and cover composition, proportion, and depth of space.  No prerequisites.

Life Drawing

Students work from photos and live models to create portraits and figurative studies in pencil and charcoal.  Topics of concentration are contour rendering, proportion, perspective, and gesture.  This class is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced students.  No prerequisites.

Landscape Painting

This course explores the beauty of nature.  The focus of the class is on incorporating elements of color, shape, and movement to develop composition.  Using either watercolors or acrylics, students will study plein air techniques and work from photographs.  No prerequisites.


In addition to regular classes, we host one-day workshops.  Past graphic arts topics have included Basic Photoshop, Collage, Relief Printmaking, Art Journaling, and others.
See the Workshops page to register for upcoming workshops.

Water-Based Oil Painting

Water-mixable oil paints are specifically developed to appear and work just like conventional oils.  The key difference is their ability to thin and clean up with water.  Hazardous solvents are not necessary, allowing artists to enjoy a safer painting environment.  This class is an introduction to this medium and will explore a variety of painting techniques.  It is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned oil painters who wish to familiarize themselves with the water-based methods.  No prerequisites.

Children's Drawing & Mixed Media

This class teaches fundamental drawing skills that will help improve and hone any young artist's skills.  Students learn the basics and time-proven techniques of drawing in an adaptive environment.  Projects explore composition, proportion and depth of space and examine line, shadow, light, and contour.  Prerequisites:  Children 6 years and older.

Digital Photography

This class teaches the basic skills of the digital camera.  Learn about camera settings, memory cards and printing options.  Students will practice with their camera each week, and then bring images to class for discussion.  Prerequisites:  Students must bring their own digital camera.

Graffiti and Street Art

No, we're not climbing water towers.  We will discuss the art of "street art" - stenciling, painting, printing, stickers, and murals.  Students focus on self-expression in individual projects while also working together to develop a group mural.  No prerequisites.