video gallery

We have recently had a number of videos made about our activities.  Here are some of the best:

Access Arts Promo
This video shows a sampling of some of our classes and events.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but is a good, short representation of who we are.

Ceramics Fast Forward
Instructor Joel Watson enjoys taking the pottery wheel out to the community and doing demos for folks.  We captured some footage and sped it up for fun.

Spring Break Kids Camp
The budding artists at our Spring Break camp tell us what it’s all about.

Earth Day Trash Garden
At the 2015 Columbia Earth Day celebration, visitors to the Access Arts booth created a “garden” from discarded paper coffee cups.  Lakota Coffee Company and Kaldi’s Coffee collected cups for us, and we turned that trash into something beautiful for spring.

A Mugging on 9th Street
In March 2015, Access Arts "mugged" passers-by in front of coffee shops along 9th Street in downtown Columbia, giving away free handmade ceramic coffee mugs in a Flash Art-meets-community outreach event.