Holiday Raku Workshop

We are hosting a Holiday Raku Workshop on December 10th from 4-7 pm! This workshop will take place during CoMoGives, and anyone who participates will be asked to make an online donation to our CoMoGives campaign. We ask that you make your donation during the event, as this will help us potentially win a matching donation. If you donate $30 or more, we will provide one pot for you to fire. If you would like to provide your own piece that you have made at our Moss Street studio (bisque-fired and using high-fire clay), you can make any donation amount you would like and we'll fire it!

Raku Firing is a fast and unpredictable firing technique that will give participants organic and unpredictable finishes to their work. The kiln will be heated up to 1800º F in roughly 45 minutes. Once the kiln is at its hottest point, participants will grab their glowing, melting pieces (with appropriate safety equipment) and plunge them into a container of sawdust to create their unique surfaces.

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