Clay at Access Arts is a whole new experience.  We have classes in handbuilding and wheel throwing for both children and adults, and one-day workshops on a variety of topics.

Description of our clay studios
Open studio times
Clay instructors
Ceramics Residency

Clay Studios

Access Arts hosts two spacious, well-lit Ceramics studios on its campus.  One is a large, active class studio, complete with adjacent glaze room and kiln room.  In the classroom, there are typically 10 electric wheels available for use, as well as a large wedging table, slab roller, and multiple table surfaces for handbuilding work.  There is an abundance of shelf space for storing finished pieces and/or greenware waiting to be fired.  The glaze room is stocked with various compounds used in preparing glazes, and has a well-ventilated spray booth and large work table.  The second studio is a smaller, more private work area that is often utilized by Artists-in-Residence to develop their own work.  It contains five electric wheels, one kick wheel, a slab roller, and two electric kilns.  There is also an area to do glaze work and room to store work in progress and finished pieces.  Both studios have a lot of windows that provide natural light year-round.

Open Studio Policy

Studio times for practice are available to adult ceramics students at no extra charge.  Class registration is required to use the studio during practice times.  Studio will be open during class terms on the following schedule:

  • Wednesday:  10am - 1pm
  • Saturday:  1pm - 4pm
  • Sunday:  1pm - 4pm
In addition, students may come during other evening class times to practice, with permission of the instructor.  At such times, students are expected to respect the fact that teachers and students are working together and should practice out of the way and quietly.

Adult Wheel Throwing

This course is focused on the basic skills and techniques of throwing forms on a pottery wheel and developing an awareness of form.  The class covers fundamental techniques of throwing bowls, cylindrical shapes and plates.  Demonstrations lead students through throwing these basic forms and basic glazing techniques.  No prerequisites.

Adult Handbuilding

This course is for students interested in handbuilding techniques as well as students experienced in wheel-throwing who are interested in incorporating handbuilding techniques into thrown forms.  The class covers coil, slab and pinch construction methods and surface decoration techniques.  No prerequisites.


In addition to regular classes, we host one-day workshops.  Past clay topics have included Woodfiring, Raku Firing, Glazing for Cone 6 Electric Kilns, Decorative Glazing Techniques, and others.
See the Workshops page to register for upcoming workshops.

Advanced Topics

This class is an opportunity for advanced clay students to get critical feedback on their work.  A willingness to accept suggestions and embrace new techniques, philosophies and approaches is recommended.  Class time is spent on demonstrations, group discussions and individual feedback.  Students are expected to continue their class work outside of the normal class time during available open studio hours throughout the session.  The goal of the class is the individual evolution and improvement of each student.  Instructor's consent required.

Children's Handbuilding

This class teaches children the fundamentals of hand built pottery by exploring a variety of applications.  The three main techniques of handbuilding construction are pinch, coil, and slab.  Projects incorporate single techniques and combinations of the different techniques to provide a nearly limitless number of projects.  No prerequisites.

Youth Wheel-Throwing

This course covers fundamental techniques of throwing forms on a pottery wheel.  Each child advances at his own pace.  Demonstrations lead students through throwing basic forms and basic glazing techniques.  Class can be repeated.  Prerequisites:  Completion of at least one handbuilding class and instructor's permission.

Special Needs Clay

The focus of this class, available for both children and adults, is to build personal confidence and accomplishment while learning to work with clay.  The main techniques of handbuilding are used to allow successful completion of a variety of projects during each class term.  The class may be repeated several times without repeating the same projects.  No prerequisites.