CelebrARTy 2024

Team Taylor

Taylor Freeman

Taylor is a News Anchor/Producer for KOMU 8 News. After taking a pottery class at Access Arts and loving it, they hope to take more in the future.

"I've always considered myself an artistic person," they say. "As an adult it can be hard to find places that can allow you to explore new skills and try new artistic things. Access Arts is that outlet, so I am stoked to help support it."

Taylor Freeman, KOMUTaylor Freeman, KOMU
Ashlee Christensen, Ceramic ArtistAshlee Christensen, Ceramic Artist
Ashlee Christensen


Ashlee is a Potter and Mixed Media Artist at Christiansen Art. She is a former educator who has transitioned into being a full-time artist. While she was a teacher, she took ceramic classes at Access Arts, which reignited her love of clay.

Dustin Hawkins


Dustin's full time job is a Video Production Strategist at Columbia College. On the side he does videography/photography work for both large corporations, small businesses and make indie films, under my Retro Hawk Productions organization.

"Access Arts is an example of what every community needs," he says. "A place where everyone's inner artist may be unlocked. No one should be denied the chance to dip their toe into the world of crafting, pottery, drawing, painting, building, etc. Many people don't even know what they are capable of until given the chance. Access Arts brings that opportunity to the people of all ages and circumstances. Helping an organization like this grow is a privilege and I'm excited to once again be a part of it."

Dustin Hawkins, VideographerDustin Hawkins, Videographer